1.introduction-negotiating parenthood in muslim countries: changing concepts and perceptions


2.the impact of religion in interreligious custody disputes: middle eastern and southeast asian approaches

author:imen gallala-arndt


3.the best interests  of the child in pre-mordern islamic juristic discourse and practice

author:ahmed fekry ibrahim


4.an enduring relic: family law reform and the inflexibility of wilāya

author:lena-maria möller


5.adding by choice: adoption and functional equivalents in islamic and middle eastern law

author:nadjma yassari



6.a critical assessment of the role of the venice commission in processes of domestic constitutional reform

author:maartje de visser


7.regulating squeese-outs in india: a comparative law perspective 

author:vikramaditya khanna & umakanth varottil


book review 

8.neil walker, intimations of global law

author:david kenny


books received 


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